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Expensive GIFTS Salman Khan Gave To His Friends

Salman is known as the large hearted one in Bollywood and believes in simply being human most of the times. He is famous for giving gifts to people he loves. Most of them are expensive and it is a treat reading about what he gave home.

SUV for Katrina

Way back in 2012 Sallu gifted Katrina with a new black SUV with a special number plate of 8822. Fans of Kat would know that the car was indeed a surprise for her and she enjoyed driving in it and chilled out with her friends. Today Katrina has driven out of his life but the black wheels sure are whirring still now?
B’day Surprise for Arpita

Salman’s Sister Arpita got married with lot of pomp and show. Salman did not leave any stone unturned to make it a huge affair. After this he surprised his lil sis with a brand new Rolls Royce Phantom costing Rs. 4 crore and a three bedroom hall flat near his residence in Bandra which cost him Rs. 16 crores. Isnt that truly a bhai ka pyar symboliised.

Salman’s Love For His Sisters

Salman truly loves the women of his house and gifted a 10 crore flat to his other sister Alvira wife of Atul Agnihotri. Whoa! Aint that so cool of our DAbangg Bhajan? He sure knows how to enjoy life and provides the best for his family. Bajrangi Bhaijan Return Gift For Kareena

Kareena and Salman were a good Jodi on screen in Bajrangi Bhaijan. There is a certain twinkle in his eyes which makes him an instant hit on screen. However do you know that Salman also paints and he gave a Bajrangi Bhaian painting to Bebo for her support in the flick. Way to go bhai!

Did Jacqueline Get a Flat From Salman?

Well this is interesting. We do get rumours that Jacqueline got a flat from Bhai but we know for sure that she did get a hand painted art from Sallu. He painted a horse in Poland while Kick was being shot and gifted it to the sultry actress!.
Till we get to know of more on Salman’s gifts stay tuned in.


Bitcoin mining South Africa

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What is Bitcoin Mining – Bitcoin Mining Explained (in laymans terms)

One of the most confusing concepts within Bitcoin on the whole, is the process of mining. The explanations to “what is bitcoin mining” often given on the news and in the media, is that bitcoin mining is the solving of complex mathematical problems. While this is the way that bitcoin mining works, it is not the purpose of bitcoin mining.

The purpose of bitcoin mining is threefold
1. Bitcoin mining is the processing of transactions
2. Bitcoin mining is a fair way to distribute new bitcoin wealth
3. Bitcoin mining secures the bitcoin network.

As of today it costs approximately $1000 in electricity, and $1000 in hardware, to mine a single block for a reward of 25 bitcoins. It is estimated that within 12 months, these figures will increase 10 fold.


Big Sean & Metro Boomin – So Good ft. Kash Doll (Double Or Nothing)

Big Sean & Metro Boomin drops his New Album “Double Or Nothing”



1. Go Legend ft. Travis Scott
2. Big Bidness ft. 2 CHainz
3. Who’s Stopping Me
4. Pull Up N Wreck ft. 21 Savage
5. So Good ft. Kash Doll
6. Savage Time
7. Even The Odds Ft. Young Thug
8. In Tune
9. Reason ft. Swae Lee
10. No Hearts No Love


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Digital Money Maker Club von Gunnar Kessler (Empfehlung)

Gunnar Kessler´s Digital Money Maker Club (Vom Arbeitnehmer zum Internetmarketer in wenigen Wochen)
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Der Digital Moneymaker Club ist ein sehr günstiges Membershippaket und unter anderem einer der beliebtesten Produkte auf dem Digistore Marktplatz zu den Thmen “Affiliate Marketing”, “Internetmarketing”, “online Geld verdienen im Internet”, “Heimarbeit”.

Der Digital Money Maker Club von Gunner Keßler dreht sich nur ums Thema Geld verdienen im Internet.

Der Digital Money Maker Club besteht aus verschiedenen Kursen, die nach und nach für dich freigeschalten werden.

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Modul 1 – 10 Strategien um Online Geld zu verdienen
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Bitcoin Multiple TimeFrame #CryptoTrading 2017.10.25

Welcome to the MoneyCharts Channel

BITCOIN (BTC) gift wallet

LITECOIN gift wallet

KOMODO gift wallet
reason for this one included is the fees on Bittrex are only 0.002 which equates to under one penny as five dollar price would be needed for a one cent transfer fee.


Virtual Currency Controls

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The boom in Bitcoin and other virtual currencies is potent here in South Korea, which accounts for 20 percent of the world’s virtual cash trade. The South Korean government is taking measures to regulate virtual currency transactions. The first such measure is banning minors from dealing with virtual money.


With the virtual currency investment boom spiraling out of control, the government convened an emergency meeting of vice ministers. At the meeting, government officials agreed to ban under aged citizens from opening virtual currency accounts and performing financial transactions using virtual money. The new regulations also prohibit financial institutions from possessing and purchasing virtual currency as well as acquiring mortgages and investing their equities in the form of virtual currency. The government has also decided to enact regulations on how the virtual currency exchange must be operated. Under the new regulations, financial institutions will be mandated to deposit customers’ assets separately, verify users’ real names, and disclose the amount of virtual currency orders. They will be also obliged to prevent money laundering. The new regulations clearly define what virtual currency exchanges are not allowed to do, which include virtual currency fundraising, credit extension, door-to-door sales, multi-level marketing, and telemarketing. Those who fail to comply will be punished. The government will also consider carefully whether or not to levy taxes on profits from virtual currency investments using examples from other countries. Among the commercial banks, Woori Bank and Korea Development Bank have decided to shut down their virtual accounts, while Shinhan Bank has decided to suspend the opening of additional virtual accounts. Meanwhile, the government’s emergency measures had been leaked on the Internet about two hours before the official announcement.