Will Bitcoin Reverse? | Litecoin Interviews | BTC Sideways Trading

Bitcoin seems to potentially be beginning a small consolidation period similar to the last few months on its uptrend, before touching the trend line as it has previously done. We also talk about Charlie Lee and some Litecoin interviews he’s done recently.

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Ethereum Crashes to $191!! Vitalik: “No More 100x Returns”, TRON Dapps

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C’mon Vitalik you can do it. Just one phone call. All you have to say is “pump it”… with a heavy french accent.

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Keiser Report: Bitcoin Standard (E1266)

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In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss why millions of people are putting faith in an unknown guy named ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’, who nobody has ever met (despite the presence of ‘Faketoshi’) than they do in the US Federal Reserve Bank, who we know all too well. In the second half, Max interviews economist and professor, Saifedean Ammous, about his hit new book, The Bitcoin Standard. Saifedean places bitcoin within the long history of the evolution of money.

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https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPszygYHA9K302vF9LY8cZJ4_VJB8P347 (E1001 – E1200)
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPszygYHA9K3PH1O090X7qlN2_fxziU5M (E1201 – Current)

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Sophie Guan, Project Lead of Odyssey (OCN) on Huobi Pro

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EOS life hacks * 26 ideas para usar tus EOS Lip Balm y ¡SORTEO!

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¿Para qué puedes usar un labial EOS? Para mucho más que para cuidar tus labios! En este video te damos 26 ideas originales para usar tus EOS o labiales. Lo hacemos en clave de humor con una parodia representada por Daniela y Elizabeth, nuestra niñera.

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J. Lisk – NYC (Original Mix)

I’m Relaxing with the song… ¿And you?
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Why this Bitcoin Crash is GOOD for crypto HODLers! ZCash Binance NEO Goldman Sachs

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What Is Monero? How To Set Up Monero Wallet & Where To Buy Monero

***At 4:37 I stated monero.com, I meant to say monerodirect.com***

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