Bitcoin Mining in October 2017 – Still Profitable?

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This Video Is For ANYONE Holding Cryptocurrency…

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Shark Tank Kevin O’leary talks Bitcoin!

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How did I earn 20% in just a few hours over 2 months trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dash? What am I doing to scale it up today? Get $10 of bitcoin when you deposit $100 at I trade at Take all my courses free at…

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How to Setup a Vertcoin P2Pool Node on the Second Network (Windows)

Donation Address VTC: VxmPeQcqBF1mce6KfJLH2u4axrMfHyBqnF Written Guide Links in video Vertcoin Wallet: Vertcoin P2Pool Github: Python 2.7: Pip: zope.interface 3.8: Python win32 api: Python win32 api wrapper: source

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Bittrex Live Trading 24/7 – Bitcoin Bot Development Programming and Technical Analysis

Bittrex trading 24/7 and developing my custom software written in C# to simultaneously monitor all possible BTC trading pairs on the exchange and identify ideal trade positions plus other useful information. Now testing automated trading during the alt coin bloodbath. Data sets are at 5 minute intervals. Official Discord:…

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Bitcoin Cash is the new Bitcoin? Programmer explains.

Is Bitcoin Cash taking over Bitcoin and why is Bitcoin so slow nowadays? Let’s discuss and take a look at some charts. LET’S MEET IN VILNIUS! ATTEND FB EVENT IF YOU WAN TO MEET: Thanks for watching guys 💝 🎤 If you would like me to speak at your…

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Whalepool: Live Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Trading Pit

Enjoy live commentary and insight from experienced to new Cryptocurrency Traders around the world 24/7 365! Join us on Teamspeak: Telegram: Twitter: Cryptocurrency Exchanges we recommend: Bitmex: Bitfinex: Coinpit: 1Broker: Every Sunday ~30mins Downtime for Maintance source

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