Welcome to the Roleplay/Gaming/Music Stream! •~• (Baka Army chat .w.)

Youtubers in my chat:
1. Hwang Ponimator
2. Underlab
Big thanks for tired_animations for making the new thumbnail for the stream please support her guys again big shout out for tired_animations and again thank you!
Thanks to bunny_427 she made this all happen

General rules:

1. Don’t spam
2. Don’t ask for mod. I will mod you if I want to
3. Don’t advertise your own or other channels
4. Racism is unacceptable and will result in a ban
5. Don’t ask for songs or videos for the backround
6. Offensive words like fa*** are forbidden
7. No Lenny Faces
8. Don’t abuse the chat door
9. Respect the mods, they are here to keep order
10. Be respectful towards BUNNY_427
11. Don’t make fun of other fandoms, people can like whatever they want and if you don’t like it, don’t talk about it.
12. Don’t ship people without their permission
13. Don’t use depression and self hate for attention

Rp rules:

1. Don’t interrupt others’ roleplay without permission
2. No god modding, your character is vulnerable and can die, it doesn’t matter how strong it is.
3. You can’t dodge/block forever, if a person is constantly attacking you, you will have to get hit after a few dodges/blocks
4. You don’t decide what other characters see, feel or where they go, you can only control yourself
5. Don’t one shot people. In order for a fight to be fair, you can’t instantly kill someone
6. Characters from the Lust AU are allowed, but know the limits, no lusty actions and sexual harassment

Moderators rules:

1. Messages that contain racist information and content are unacceptable and shall be removed
2. If people are being rude to others on purpose, warn them and try to talk them out of it instead of being aggressive
3. If a mod is breaking a rule, other mods are responsible for telling me or a different mod if one of the options is online
4. People who come to the stream specifically to offend others (racism, spamming, making fun of the stream, etc) need to be banned
5. Mods are only allowed to time someone out after warning them two times. If someone avoids being timed out, they shall be banned
6. Mods might have more power over others, but they should treat everyone with respect.


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