The Jace Hall Show – [2D] A Milli Vanilli Reunion, Diablo 3 and Super Sayians – The Jace Hall Show Season 5 Ep. 1

Here is a non 3D version of The Jace Hall Show Season 5 Episode 1 for mobile users and people who don’t have 3D glasses!

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Jace Hall and crew are back and in ep1, Jace has already irritated Producer Todd Roy by making this season 3D.

Gary Graham aka: The Tuxedo Guy shares his wisdom once again

Jon Heders constant excuses as to why he can’t win at video games causes Jace to explain why you can’t “Blame it on the Game” in a very unforgettable and even historic way.

Jace brings his Kaboom game skills to the LA Convention floor to challenge all comers and destroys everyone.

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Executive Producer — Jace Hall
Producer Todd Roy, Xander Denke
Director — Todd Roy
Writers — Jace Hall, Todd Roy
Edited — Todd Roy

Episode 1 Cast
Jace Hall
Todd Roy
Xander Denke
Jon Heder
Gary Graham
Alicia Marie
Crystal Fambrini
Brooke Schlyer
Jay Wilson
Rick Fox
Fab Morvan
Jon Davis
Tay Zonday
Kevin Pereira
Beau Ryan
Logan Huffman

Special Thanks to:
Everyone at IGN

Jace @JaceHall
Todd @Todd_Roy
Xander @XanderDenke

Location — HDFILMS/Victory Studios,


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