How to Mine ZCash (ZEC) – Step by Step Guide

In this guide I go through the process, start to finish, of how to setup and mine ZCash (ZEC). I use an NVIDIA GPU for this example.

ZCash Website –
ZCash Wallet Download –
Nanopool Mining Pool –
Nanopool ZEC Pool –
Nanopool ZEC Miner Help Page –

If you are getting the message about the daemon taking to long to respond, do the following. Go to C:users%username%AppDataRoamingZcash and edit zcash.conf at the end of the file add the following line disabledeprecation=1.0.12 and save the file and try again. If you are getting another error let me know and I’ll try to help you get up and running.

ZCASH4WIN is out of date once again. Work around inside from zec

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