AMD Confirms Zen 2 Based On 7nm & Sampling This Year | Intel Confirms 10nm Delayed Until 2019

Intel’s 10nm process has been delayed for mass production until 2019 due to yield and price issues. The company have doubled down they’re not going to be skipping 10nm for 7nm, as Intel remain confident that 10nm processors such as cannon lake are important for their step to the 7nm process.

Meanwhile, AMD have confirmed their 7nm process (which isn’t the same thing as an Intel 10nm process) is going well, as they are preparing to sample their server processors to certain customers this year, with volume production schedule for 2019.

Finally, iphone x sales aren’t going as well as hoped, with rumors telling us that Apple have over produced the phones and currently burn inventory while hoping to produce cheaper handsets without 3d touch and a 6.1 inch screen. for more gaming news, reviews & tech – if you want to help us out! – Follow us on Facebook! – Paul’s Twitter

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