Check out G5FamFunTube latest adventure at the Sold Out Monster Truck Show at the All State Arena.
Since the past couple of weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions, G5 Dad and G5 Mom wanted to surprise the kids G5 Boys with an outing of thrills. The roar, the high jumps, the flight, the flips, the cheers and hear the turn of the gears is something that you will definitely get a taste of at Monster Jam.
Such a heighten adrenaline rush as we watch El Toro Loco, Grave Digger, Max D and the other Monster Trucks battle it out to see who the best Monster Truck Olympian of the night . This was the last night of the Sold Out Monster Truck show and it did not disappoint. For sure a show for most ages. However, one warning and highly recommended are ear plugs. Even at the level of our seats you can still feel and hear the loud roar for the trucks with the ear plugs and head phones on.
G5FamFunTube give the Monster Jam Truck Show a big MONSTER TRUCK JUMPS UP!!!!

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