Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by! I appreciate you taking the time to watch the video and hope you learn and enjoy.

I am not a financial advisor nor should you use anything I show or say as investing advice. PLEASE do your own research and make your own decision when investing, and do not put any money into the crypto-space that you can NOT afford to lose!

I take a look at Hexabot’s site/platform, talk a little about the many and still many unconfirmed transactions on the blockchain and end with some general market talk on Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Dash.

We made a little money from last video! Bitcoin Cash and Dash had a nice run up like I predicted, this is the link to the video a couple days ago talking on the 2 coins.
November 11th, Bitcoin + Bitcoin Cash + Dash

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Again, please do your research before investing in any platform that I present to you. That being said, if you do decide to invest in any of them, I of course appreciate when you guys use my links so thank you.