What is Crypto-Currency?

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  1. @Lauren Southern, Bitcoin hit 10,000$$

  2. And now. It's OVER 9000!!!!!!

  3. Bit coin is actually $8,000 USD now. You should have bought a couple when you aired your video and it was at $2,800 USD. Last month it wast 5k and I mentioned at work it could go to 100K before the Tulip Bubble bursts. It will be seismic in the monetary markets soon if not all ready. Banks are getting involved and might try to control it but they will fail. FIAT always fails it's only a question of when and who is the catalyst / ignition. I trash talked bitcoin in the past around the times it dropped in value but I've taken a neutral position now and will simply watch the fascinating developments.

  4. Dude shut up i copy and paste bitcoins al the time

  5. Well…computers crash, cryptocurrencies go ploop. Economy crash….fiat goes bloop

  6. Best what is cryptocurrency video in existence, well done and thanks!

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  8. States onyl exist to protects it's people from other states

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  12. You're probably the only right wing commentator that sometimes makes sense to me. But boy oh boy do you not understand this stuff. I'm glad that you at least admit it. The reason you get away with explaining it is that most people understand even less. Currencies will eventually get regulated or banned. Some countries already ban bitcoin.

  13. Currency has always been "managed by the people", even when the people honored a royal crown. Others elected a government for the people and by the people. People mined for gold and scored big time during the gold rush. That concept escapes me as an argument for it. I don't quite get the deal with that. I understand how its easy for exchange for web purchases I guess. Although amazon's 1 click button hasn't had much trouble there either. People made a lot of money on "navigator" and "aol" for a while. Lot of people made a quick buck during the housing bubble. Ugh everyone was talking about it then, trying to get people to buy in. Lot of people were suddenly driving rovers.

  14. I mean, i am no investment expert or anything and am not going to act like i am. But, didnt the worlds largest bitcoin exchange in Japan collapse in 2014. Mt. Gox, who filed for bankruptcy, said it lost track of almost 500 million dollars of bitcoin.

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  19. Heh. Now every single Bitcoim is worth just under $6000

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  21. Gold , silver , platinum are real money.
    Jews are hoarding that.
    FDR should have been lynched when he confiscated ur gold.

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