Cryptocurrency Has Raised The Bar Too High For Women

Cryptocurrency Has Raised The Bar Too High For Women.
MGTOW understand the true nature of feminism, and for this reason, MGTOW are men going their own way. #MGTOW

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The Lost Generation – MGTOW

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MGTOW is a way of life which refuses chooses to allow only men to define their own self worth. MGTOW focuses on positive male aspects, inviting men to go their own way in life. MGTOW choose not to marry, have children and instead focus on self ownership. MGTOW is associated with red pill philosophy in which men have woken up to the nature of society and learn behaviors that will help them to navigate the social landmines that exist in modern day society.
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Women are given privileges that men would never be allowed to enjoy exclusively, as women are gaining space for themselves while also inhabiting space allocated for men. Feminist have led to men choosing to divorce themselves from women and society due to rampant misandry as masculinity is attacked. Feminism has a painful reminding of how poor men can be treated, which is why men are increasing becoming MGTOW, which is men going their own way. Men are taking the red pill and choosing to forge their own identities in the face of so called gender equality that has never included men in the discussion. Groups like the mens rights movement, have historically failed to address the needs and issues of men.


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  1. Angry, can you make a video training on how to make money mining bitcoin?

  2. let me know if theres a bitcoin casino or bitcoin poker room online

  3. Could you do a video about IQ option trading platform?

  4. BITCOIN = huge bubble. Can't wait until BTC crashes and falls under 100$, next year ! Enough with this volatile crypto-bullshit used mainly by criminals and junkies. GOLD IS KING, and always was for 10K years. If you're scared they gonna rob you, then hide the gold in boxes in offshore banks. That's investment 101.

  5. Enough is enough! I'm taking back whats mine! MGTOW will reclaim its throne! What are you waiting for?!

  6. So the women won't be able to get wiped out in crypto-currencies? That is setting the bar too high? It's a bit like they won't lose money on the horses and tell everybody about the one time they won a bet. I am joking of course – but all they have to do is go to court after the guy has done all the studying and say I want half of his IOTA – and BINGO! They have it.

  7. Listen up: if you want to try making money on the markets,stick with options and/or dow/e- mini,and use seasonalities. All these indicators and such are lagging indicators.

  8. Hey Angry, I've been going through your videos which I found myself enjoying quite a lot and subscribed. But I can't help but notice the audio that echos, and sometimes make it hard to hear. I've been keeping the CC on to help me with what your saying, but just out of curiosity what kind of microphone you are using to record?

  9. Hahaha love this.. hey Angry, get in on some OMG, thats gonna go up heaps later this year

  10. You are fully wrong. Crypto-currencies are too complicated for a lot of PEOPLE – there's a lot of dumbass guys out there who look at you like your have two heads when you say "Bitcoin". Their eyes cross and they go "HUH"?

  11. This stuff is easier than Tinkertoys. I've seen many women trade on these exchanges, because some are bright enough. But many are troubled about losing because they can't understand setting sell orders high, and buying negative high volume coins. They think backwards from profitable logic rules, thus lose everything, panic selling. We can profit well over 100x/year. High volume exchanges are better because of reliable volume, but use different trading techniques. Low volume exchanges lose easy because of the pump and dump scams and panic sell offs, locking their value to 1 satoshi. You can make it fast but it's very risky. Never hold in low volume exchanges. And shutup with the singing, you're awful.

  12. How the heck did you purchase IOTA?? From what I know, it is not available to U.S. residents.

  13. I present to you MGTOW bros, 100 real woman genius, type this in on YouTube and it will make your MGTOW DAY BETTER (: ) ) k, happy MGTOW day.

  14. Women are demonstrating more and more everyday that they cannot function in our more complicated world. And it's only going to get more complicated, they will eventually prove themselves to be completely incompetent.

  15. Cryptocurrencies are way to complicated for women to ever wanna bother with. They'll never get into cryptos lol. only guys r smart enough to operate such a complex system.

  16. Angry check out ADX it is primed to shoot up alot in the next bull rally. CAT is a buy for me as well cause once it hits Bittrex.. wow!!

  17. Ya bittrex are ass holes they've taken coins down that we're trading high volumes bc they disagreed with the coin owners support of trump

  18. Crypto is the woman's/devil's trap. Electronic Currency they can shut off if you don't cooperate. Buy Silver men.

  19. Hats off to you Angry for plowing through the learning curve. I've tried to introduce some coworkers to the game but I think it's too much time and commitment to learn for most to get thru the learning curve. Oh well too bad for them. Let's get rich angry, crypto rich!

  20. Angry one other factor with Ripple (XRP) is its burn rate. That is the amount burned off in transactions which reduces the supply of XRP and supposedly increases its value. I am not a fan of XRP but its price movements can be good for speculators.

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