DONT THROW UP! BEAN BOOZLED CHALLENGE! NBA 2k15 MyTeam Onyx Pack Opening! Funny Reactions!

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In this challenge me and my Girlfriend will be doing the Bean Boozled Challenged with packs!
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Bitcoin Arbitrage Bot 2017 – Cryptocurrency Arbitrage

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This is a Bitcoin arbitrage bot updated for 2017.
At every moment there is an aribitrage opportunity that you can exploit to make a profit, and this increase when the market is volatile. The challenge is how to find this arbitrage opportunities ? If you want to do this manually you have to check hundreds of cryptocurrencies across a huge number of exchanges, which is impossible for a human to do.

To be precise this is a Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Bot, since it focuses on finding arbitrage opportunity in pairs that consists of a Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. It doesn’t support fiat arbitrage because it’s hard to move fiat fast compared to other cryptocurrencies.

This Arbitrage bot solve this problem by automating the process of finding arbitrage opportunities across 33 exchanges at the same time, all you have to do is set the pair you want to scan, volume you want to trade and minimum profit to display.

This Bitcoin arbitrage bot supports 33 exchanges: Gemini, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Bleutrade, Btc38, Btc-e, Bter,,, Livecoin, Cryptopia, Exmo, Hitbtc, Kraken, Poloniex, Bitcoin Indonesia, Yunbi, Quoine, Gatecoin, Coinsquare, Quadrigacx, Yobit, C-cex, Therocktrading, Bloombit, Gdax, Bitmex, Southxchange, Bitmarket, Vircurex, Tuxexchange, Allcoin, Novaexchange.


Introducing BitBean Digital Cash

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BitBean is a relatively new digital currency (over a year old) that has 20X bigger blocks than Bitcoin and is more than 30X faster! BitBean Digital Cash allows you to carry your keypair, which represents your digital cash on the BitBean Blockchain. For more info see: Digital Cash Generator available:


Como Comprar la APP Walkybit + Yobit en ESPAÑOL

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Sigue los pasos indicados para comprar la APP Walkybit.



Envía las dos capturas: elnúmero de pedido y el comprobante de pago a estos dos correos:,

Tu pedido se va a confirmar en el plazo de 2h, máximo en 48h.

Si tienes alguna pregunta o duda acerca, por favor ponte en contacto con tu patrocinador.

Hope you find it useful while purchasing the APP.




The Rise of Blockchain, ICO’s & Digital Money

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Sara Hanks, Jonathan Frutkin, Vincent Molinari
Crowdfunding Meet Blockchain ICO’s -The State of the Industry, When Crypto and Securities Collide, Wall Street & Digital Asset: A huge increase in ICO investment, surpassing VC funding in Blockchain market


Poloniex – Zcesh beváltása Bitcoin-ra

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Már többen kérdeztétek, hogy miként lehet poloniex-en beváltani a zcash-t, vagy a monero-t BTC-re, és azt hogyan küldöm át, bankkártyával összekötött pénztárcára.
Erre próbálok választ adni 🙂

Ha valamiért írnál nekem 🙂

Drakensang játék csatornám:


Automated Crypto Trading – Cryptocurrency Trading Bot Software

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Automated crypto trading with the Profit Trailer crypto trading bot. This crypto bot software will automate bitcoin trading as well as ethereum, litecoin and altcoin trading.

This best selling crypto trading bot will work on the biggest and most popular crypto exchanges including:

MAKE SURE AND SIGN UP ON BINANCE to start automatically trading crypto. Binance exchanges offers:
– low fees
– largest exchange
– trading contests
– trusted and secure

In the video you will see why this automated crypto trading bot is the best! Our crypto trading bot review includes the pros, cons, features and pricing for you to choose if its the right crytpo trading bot for you.

We review the best crytpocurrency trading bots on the market. You will discover why I think Profit Trailer is the trading bot will is best for your crytpo trading needs and why its even better than Gunbot or Haasbot.

Some cryptocurrency bots are better for beginners and some more advanced crytpo traders but Profit Trailer is the best for both. View the pros, cons and features for each of the crypto trading bots we review.

View individual crytpo trading bot videos below or view the full crypto trading bot review here:

Zenbot Review

Cryptohopper Review

CryptoTrader Review

Gunbot Review

Haasbot Review

Compare Crypto Trading Bots – Whether you need a bitcoin trading bot or alt coin trading bot, Profit Trailer will meet your needs.

Virmach VPS for Crypto Trading Bots


How To Buy Ripple XRP With Coinbase & Bittrex

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For the past week or so I have received countless emails, messages and comments requesting this information. This is what I came up with in order to demonstrate how to move BTC from your Coinbase wallet to Bittrex. INSTRUCTIONS:
I opened up a coinbase account:

Yes, this is a coinbase referral link that gives YOU $10 and me $10 for sending you there. That is it. It is not a building, pyramid or anything. I get nothing from that point forward, and neither of us ever make a penny off of others trading, buying or selling. It is merely a $10 thank you from them for kicking them a customer. That $10 covers about 2 -3 trades on there.

From there I deposit money and then SEND it to the bitcoin wallet I have within Bittrex. I know it sounds confusing. Be patient, slow and methodical. In coinbase you will see you have Bitcoin (when you buy some), click accounts, there you will see your BTC balance, click SEND link with the paper airplane icon – here you need to paste you BITTREX BITCOIN WALLET ADDRESS. Now remember, only BTC can be sent to a BTC wallet and LTC to a LTC wallet and so on. Like coin to like wallet only.

The way to find your BITTREX BTC address is go to Bittrex and click the plus symbol next to BTC symbol under your wallets tab. You may have to check a box that allows the currencies you do not yet own to be visible. You can also search for BTC above on left side of screen on Bittrex. When you click that (+) symbol you will generate a BTC address on Bittrex – copy it – paste it as the destination in your SEND screen on Coinbase, enter the amount and send it. Soon you will have BTC in your BITTREX wallet to be able to buy XRP.

To buy the XRP, locate XRP symbol within Bittrex and click it. A screen will open where you can then purchase XRP with your BTC. You can buy maximum amount for the “Last” price on the market or choose the price and wait for your bid to match up with the real time price. At the numbers we see now, it is mere fractions of pennies and I would recommend just an immediate buy order for last price. I hope this helps you out. I should make a video on it.

Join the cryptocurrency community on

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tag: 1317751799

My BTC Wallet: 189oA75Fma4jNAkcDetQX6YQpsBDktH9Wm
LTC: LeR4z1FwYbgVHv791xydPqmbZeBjgG8wPt


Como ganar VC(Virtual Currency) fácilmente en NBA 2K13

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Gracias a “xJavinho10” por la ayuda en el BT 1VS1 y a “MrJohan1420”: en el modo Entrenador para dejar simulando.
Partido destacado de NBA Hoy: 600 + 250=850 VC
BlackTop 1VS1: 150 VC +10 por Victoria
BlackTop 3VS3: 150 VC +10 por Victoria
MyTeam y Amistosos Online: 250 VC
MyTeam:Es necesario tener al menos 500 VC, ir a Mercado y comprar un jugador de ese valor. Después ir a COLECCION y vender un jugador de mayor valor.
Modo ENTRENAMIENTO: Completar todos los ejercicios = 1000 VC
NBA 2K MyLIFE de FACEBOOK: 500 VC + Pluses diarios.
Código +3 Manejo de Balón: “spriteeffect”